Bodies for China Dolls
Originally made from 1835-1900

Bodies for china dolls were
made of a variety of materials:
heavy cottons, leather, etc.
My own favorite body is the Goldsmith style with sewn in corset and sewn in leather boots with tassels.

German and French Fashion
Reproduction of bodies made between 1860-1900

Shapely lady type figure with slender waist and full hip.  (A few have stretched toes). Some of the bodies we reproduce are Lady Grace (all sizes) Smiling Bru, Rohmer, Huret, F.G., Gibson, Stanhope, Lady Lilianne, etc. made for Bisque and Parians.

Modern Doll Bodies
For all your modern creations.

We make great bodies for modern
dolls! Leather- fully articulated
with armatures in the arms.  This
body will set or stand with possible
arms. Knit- this material is soft
for lifelike feel and the armature
inside makes it fully poseable, we
also make baby bodies with dolly
washers as armature.

French Bebe and Children
These wonderful styles were used between 1878-1889

French Leather doll bodies were in the gusset style.  Bebé and toddlers were chubby, with the O Bru having a cute little tummy, and as the Bru J evolved it became slimmer, and jointed internally.
Some of the bodies we reproduce
are Bebé Bru, Bru J, Rhomer, AT,
Jumeau, and Chevrot which is jointed.

German Toddler & Children Doll Bodies
The Germans were the first to make
leather doll bodies. They made bodies for both themselves and for France however the Germans used these bodies for a considerably longer time than they were used in France.

German bodies were fully articulated with hinged hips and gusseted or hinged knees and arms. They had lower legs of bisque or leather. Germany also used a rather stout looking all gusset body for children.